Reading a Register from Schneider Energy Analyzer


We use Foxboro Dcs, fbm230 for Modbus communication. We use Schneider's pm5110 analyzer. We can read integer data from the analyzer such as date, Time second by using IIN block. But, we can't read voltage, frequency, power measurements. These are 32 bit data. We try to read data by RIN block.

Dcs is foxboro and fbm230 for morbid communication.
Energy analyzer is Schneiders metsepm5110.

This takes me back...

Make sure that you have the datatypes and swapping information appended to the PNT_NO

U2: unsigned 16-bit integer
U4: unsigned 32-bit integer
S2: signed 16-bit integer
S4: signed 32-bit integer
F4: 32-bit floating point value (IEEE single precision float).

W1, W2, W3 are the byte swapping specifiers

Pnt_no: Register:F4:W1

I'd start with that.