Reading Data from OC4000 DCS for GE Turbine


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We are doing OC4000 DCS for GE Turbine. I want connect to DCS system to read data via OPC thirty party. I don't know GE Mark UDH netwwork VI or GE Mark ARCNET network protocol can be connect read data from OC4000.

Could you give me advice?
Your question isn't really clear. The Mark VI and Mark V don't speak OPC, but many of the GE HMIs do (it's primarily a CIMPLICITY function, or, if you have newer GE HMIs, a ControlST/WorkstationST function) that can be used to exchange data and commands using OPC.

You should ask the supplier of the OC4000 (which I believe is also a GE product) if it can do OPC, and then investigate what the GE turbine HMIs can do with OPC, and then you should have your answer.

The UDH (Unit Data Highway) for Mark VI and Mark VIe use GE EGD for data communications, but alarms and events are a proprietary protocol. If the OC4000 can communicate on the UDH, it might be able to get data and send commands, but I don't know if it could receive and display alarms and events from Mark VI or Mark VIe.

The Mark V uses ARCnet hardware for the StageLink, and there are many OPC products on the market which can get data from a Mark V, some which can do alarms and events. But, you'll need to put the OPC software on a GE Mark V HMI, unless the version of CIMPLICITY has OPC capability.

Hope this helps!
Thanks so much

About my problem.

I have projects that are want to get data from a DCS system using GE's OC4000 to view only in other areas. OC4000 is inherited from a Chinese Product of Xinhua. It is not something developed by GE and It is an acquired product.

I do not know how OPC can support this work. Could you give advice?

Yes; GE bought Xinhua and "inherited" the OC4000--and the people who designed and produced it. They would be the best people to ask if the OC4000 supports OPC.

Have you consulted any of the OC4000 manuals?
About manual of the OC4000 are few and secret. But as I know, the DCS will have OPC to connect to the auxiliary system and 3rd party systems and I will using OPC Client to find and connect to OPC DCS to read data.

Again, the Mark* controllers, themselves, don't speak OPC. They only communicate to GE HMIs over the StageLink (Mark V) and UDH (Mark VI/VIe). And the HMIs generally have OPC capability. (Early Mark V operator interfaces used a proprietary operating system, called IDOS, and did not use MS-Windows nor CIMPLICITY, and are, as far as I know, unable to communicate via OPC.)

So, to use OPC for any purpose (data; commands; etc.) an HMI running MS-Windows and CIMPLICITY is required at a minimum. Some later versions of CIMPLICITY were capable of OPC, while early versions of CIMPLICITY were not.

So, to really know--you need to know what kind of operator interface (<I>, or HMI) and the version and capability of CIMPLICITY--or purchase a OPC product from a third party vendor (I think Matrikon make one for Mark V and Mark VI; I'm not sure about other vendors). Do remember, that GE HMIs can get easily "confused" when installing third-party software on them--VERY easily confused....

Best of luck!