Reading ID numbers from NICs


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Craig Brown

I'm looking for information on how to read the unique identification number from a network card. I have PC-based test equipment on a DOS network, and would like to find a way for them to assign themselves Machine Numbers for their output files and error-analysis print-outs. Any info on a solution, or where else to look, would be greatly appreciated. Craig Brown Emerson Appliance Controls [email protected]
If you execute a ping to the IP address of the station, the first message that comes out is an ARP request for the Ethernet address. The reply from the station contains the hardware address. You can capture this with tcpdump or net x-ray. If this isn't what you're looking for, maybe you could explain in more detail how you want to get the address. Regards, Willy Smith Numatics Costa Rica

Larry Bashkier

Hi Dont know if this will help, here is a Kix32 script I wrote for NT workstations audits - you can edit my code, to make this work 4 You 1) Unzip all files to a: drive (This You can change later) 2)run runme.bat 3)open excel and open file - a:\userinfo.txt - NOTE this is an "*" delimited text file This will obviously be an over kill for what you want but you can edit out the winmsd etc stuff Mail me with any queries All I ask is that You do not remove my name from the code or the log file Good luck, I look foreward to hearing from U Larry
I appreciate the responses so far. However, it appears I need to provide more information regarding my question. Sorry for the omission. My machines are PC-controlled testers. The PCs are DOS based, and set up as diskless workstations. At boot-up, they connect to the network with NetBEUI to receive the program that they are dedicated to run. The program is written in C, and was written strictly for these machines. I need to put the ability to read the NIC in this program for the machine to be able to identify itself. The server is an NT server, and uses TCP/IP protocols. There are two different network cards we use in these machines: 3COM EtherlinkIII and Intel EhterExpress Pro/10. Thanks again Craig Brown Emerson Appliance Controls [email protected]

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All If you are trying to read the MAC address of the NIC then type IPCONFIG /ALL at the DOS prompt and if you are in Win95 then WINIPCFG and you will have your answer. Regards Donald Pittendrigh

Eugene Mac Mahon


have you succeded on your search? Let me know if you have, I also have such a requirement.