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How can I get at the data stored in the historical trend files? I would like to create an application that can read the historical files
created by iFix. It would be nice to just open the historical files directly (i.e. *.h24 type), however I am not againts using the ifix
historical ODBC hook.
From my application- what would be the steps to read the historical files through ODBC?

Thanks in advance
iFix has a way to read the data into Excel. You need to make a "get external data query". I do not remember the exact steps, but someone at Intellution or Intellution's forum page should be able to answer.
Thanks for the reply, I have succesfully used the example provided in Intellution article no. I013136 to create Excel spreadsheets from VBA
code in iFix. I was wondering if I could access the historical files from outside of iFix? Specifically- my custom app could just read the
historical data store regardless of wether or not iFix was running. Can I create a connection to the Intellution Fix Dynamics Historical
Driver and succesfully return a ResultSet from my application running outside of iFix?

Joris Veldkamp

It is possible to access the historical data when iFix isn't running. If you use the Historical Data Access Toolkit to read the data from the
historical files it isn't neccesary to run iFIX. In the help file of the Toolkit the following is written: "In order to use this library, iFIX must be installed, but does not need to be started."

Joris Veldkamp
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