Reading Mettler Toledo IND 780 weight on TSX 57 PLC using Ethernet


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Would you please assist how I can setup my IOscanning to read IND 780 data stored in modbus registers like 400001.

Robert Willis

It would help if you provide us with the details of which programming software you are using (PL7 or Unity Pro). In general you configure a entry in the I/O Scanner table that will point to %MW1.

%MW = "Memory Word"
1 = First %MW Reference which is equivalent to Modbus Register 400001, 40001, 4001 etc....

The I/O Scanner will allow you to configure both a Read and Write at the same time. Provide the I/O Scanner Entry with the proper IP Address of the device and then set the Index Entry to 1. Depending on the device that you are attempting to communicate with you may need to alter the Index Entry.
I'm using PL7 Pro when I'm setting my IOscanning I can not input 400001 address as my slave starting ref add. I tried to configure wonderware DAserver to be reading the scale data but I wasn't successful as well.

Robert Willis

I do not have PL7 installed on my computer and am going from memory.

You do not enter 400001 into the slave reference. You only need to enter 1 since the 4x reference is implied by the I/O Scanner.

When you attempt this with your HMI you will need to follow the addressing scheme that they utilize. Some HMI packages require that you utilize the entire address such as 400001 (Commonly referred to as Modbus six digit addressing) or 40001 (Commonly referred to as Modbus five digit addressing). Other software may require that you only input the offset within the 4x register area which in this example would be one.