Reading weight from digital display using VB6


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I am trying to read the weight from a digital display to a PC using VB6 and communicating through serial port. The display has a connection to serial port ASCII output at 1200 baud representing the meter’s displayed value. You can have a continuous transmission of readings, or a single transmission on demand.

RS232 O/P on terminal 16 (data+) and terminal 18(common). The manufacture has provided me the following information:

-For RS232, the ENABLE port must be held high at a 5V level for as long as serial data output is required, or, if only one string of data is needed, the ENABLE line must be held high until the transmission starts, after which it may be taken low again. The Sig- connection on terminal 17 may be used to provide the 5V level if an external source is not available.

So please assist in the issue.