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On behalf of the Thinking Nerds and the Real Time Linux Foundation, Inc. we are happy to announce the Third Real Time Linux Workshop, held in the
framework of the Applied Linux and Embedded Internet Conference and Expo Milan organized by ACTIVE Exhibitions Europe, on 26-29 November, 2001.

As followup to the meeting of developers and users of real-time linux in Vienna, and the Workshop on Real Time Operating Systems and Applications and second Real Time Linux Workshop held at the RTSS 2000 in Orlando, the goal of this workshop is still to bring together developers and users, present new developments, discuss "real" user demand and get to know those
anonymous people that only exist as e-mail folders on your mailing-list archive. In addition to paper presentations there will be:

- Kick start sessions in parallel to paper presentations,
- Tutorials to real-time Linux as real-time operating system
and embedded real-time Linux,
- Advanced tutorials to real-time Linux device drivers and
real-time Linux in control applications.

In order to make this event again an outstanding success, the program committee solicits papers on the following topics:

- real time linux applications, industrial or academic
- real time linux contributions, device drivers, schedulers, etc.
- real time linux implementations, firm, soft and hard variants,
- work in progress reports

If you are interested please fee free to send a short abstract of your paper to [email protected] until 1. August 2001. More Informations at the events section of

Board of Directors, Real Time Linux Foundation, Inc.
The Thinking Nerds