Real Time Monitoring Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 processor


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Hi Team,

I am new to the Allen Bradley SLC processors. I have a SLC 5/03 processor which has a DH485 and RS232 port. The RS232 port is connected to AB Panel view.

I have a basic question.

1. If i remove the rs232 connection with the Panel View and connect the cable to my PC. Will i receive the same datas in the Hyperterminal of my PC.

Kindly, help me with this one.
Hi Ashwants,

If you replace Panelview (which is communicate with SLC 5/03 using DF-1 protocol) with PC which has Hyperteminal running on it and you will utilize Hyperterminal as a Panelview substitution, you won't receive anything .

The main reason is Hyperterminal speaking in different language/protocol, hyperteminal use protocol such as Kermit, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Ymodem, Ymodem-G and Zmodem transmissions protocols on port 23, while Panelview and SLC-5/03 speak using DF-1 protocol.

If you need more details on DF-1 protocol, here is the manual:

Hope this help

Bob Peterson

It seems likely that your understanding level of how this stuff works is low enough that I am not sure we can give you any good comments on whatever it is that you are seeking.

The thing is that hyperterminal and Panelviews are radically different animals and just cannot be replaced with each other.

It would be like replacing a spoon with a hydraulic jack. They are not interchangeable, although both are tools of sorts.