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I have implemented a real time kernel under DOS with Borland C++. This includes only switching tasks, synchronisation and message passing. The memory management is done by DOS.

I would like to embed my kernel into a 8086 controller. Can this be possible? Or do I have to redefine malloc, new, delete and other memory handlers? If this could be possible, do you have any suggestions regarding the target controller?

Vladimir E. Zyubin

Hello automation,

It is possible if you recompile the source files with the option "for 8086' set of commands".

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Vladimir E. Zyubin

Michael Griffin

Try a PC-104 board with DOC (Disk On Chip). From the software's perspective, this would be like using a conventional PC.
i read your email and u said u've developed a real time kernel in DOS using c++. i have a similar work. plz can u give me a support with ur implementation work?