REAL WORLD Ethernet IP CIP message examples?

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Timothy A. Anderson

I'm looking for some more REAL WORLD examples of CIP messages so I can at least try and talk to one of those allen bradley SLC5/05 demo unit things. (slc5/05 one input thingy, one output thingy, 16 nice buttons to press...) The only realistic examples I've found were at:


and those were a little "small". Needless to say after plowing through the ethernet ip spec about three times I'm not much closer to using native CIP requests to find out if button X is pressed...


First of all, are you using connected messaging or unconnected messaging? What type of PDU are you using? What service are you trying to use? What target are you sending the command to? How is your data path setup? Are you making sure your packet is an even number of bytes long?

Feel free to contact me offlist if you have more specific questions regarding Ethernet/IP and AB's implementation of it. HINT: the documentation isn't entirely correct and that was intentional.

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