really need help


You won't get many "solutions" for homework assignments or
school projects here. Most here believe just giving a person the answer in the form of a ready-to-use schematic or program is not really "helping" in the big scheme of things.

If this is a final project for a course, you must already have some idea how to do this. What is the course? Software? electronics? control theory?

What have you done so far? You probably didn't even search the message archive here because this is not the first time this question has been asked in this forum.

I will give you four pieces of advice, the first may be all you need, the others will probably be rediscovered when you use the first:

1) Search these message archives.

2) All parallel ports are not created equal.

3) Interfacing to the parallel port is more complicated in Windows. Use
some form of DOS if feasible. I don't know about Linux.

4) is your friend. Try a search like
"Parallel Port" interfacing