Realtime Property of SCADA


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A good SCADA need to have a RTDB. does it mean SCADA should have real time features.

Is Intouch having these features.

A real time data access part is completed by RTU or PLC, but if we want to write on PLC using SCADA (exp: on/off any vale through SCADA command) then it is necessary that SCADA should have real time features. For any computing on real time data using SCADA function/script which is used in process for input of other variable then also it is needed that SCADA should have real time features. Please guide me, am i wrong or right.

Please explain.
Your PLCs should process Event Tasks, your PCs should process Transation Tasks. Your SCADA system should consist of a combination of PLCs, HMIs, and MMIs to process the required tasks. If you need real time off/on control, add a MMI to the SCADA system as Remote I/O. These MMI buttons can be mimicked on your Intouch HMI.