Receiving data from a weighing scale using RS232 with VB


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I have a digital weighing scale I need to connect to the PC using RS232 communication port. Every time I weigh an object, automatically the result/weight will display in the the textbox control in Visual Basic Application that I made. I need your help.

I use to receive data via a timer for continuous looping sequence output to a textbox. Things do goes bad, as it flicking all the way. I using a indicator from AD series which read data from load cell of a truck weight bridge. It there's any way to stop this flicking without effecting the continuous loop?

please help me vb6 vb2005 vb2007 vb 2010
any thing no problem i want the solution in another way is also no problem
If you are open to another way I have an increasing number of minimal Free Pascal distributions at this open source project:

Those minimal distros include everything needed (no install necessary) to test. I could probably help you combine a "Simple Serial" distro with an "Easy fpGUI" distro.

And in the process you might discover that you have found a new skill to quickly write custom applications for inexpensive embedded devices.
You said "things do goes bad, as it flicking all the way". I think you are complaining that the numbers are changing too quickly. There are several ways of dealing with this.

A) Update the numbers more slowly.

B) Calculate and display a moving average.

C) Calculate a hysteresis value and only update when the change exceeds that.

D) Show fewer significant digits.

It's very difficult to make heads or tails out of your question, so I'm not sure my answer will address what it is you actually want to know.

Can you update your VB application to read a DDE value from a DDE server? If yes, then you can use this data logger software ( that will read RS232 data and export to your application.