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Kimberly Wang


Our company is looking for the following softwares for our cable plant automation:

1. A recipe management software which has the following features:

* The recipe editor is installed on the intranet Web server so that
authorized people can edit the recipes on the intranet at their desks.
* The editor must be NT password login protected so that the recipes
can only be changed by the specified group of people.
* The recipes are stored in the SQL server database so that they can
be pulled out by the control software.

2.Data logging and analysis software, which has the following features:
* data are logged to the SQL Server.
* data are analyzed based on the product part number and shop order or
any combinations.
* the analysis results are viewed on our company's intranet.

Can anybody provide me some information about where I can locate such softwares?

Thanks for your information.


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Rick L. Hudson EMCO Inc.

We just finished installation of such a system in a hosiery mill which collects production and run time data from over 1000 production machines.
There are a series of 5 PC's on the plant floor which collect data and send it to a central SQL Server 7.0 Database. This data is provideded to users over a plnatwide intranet which supports approximately 20 pages which can be pulled up by users to view the information (real-time, summary, historical, etc) they desire.

Screens also allow managers to set up production shifts and assign product types and operators up to a year in advance. Hardcopy production and payroll reports are generated by the system and saved in Excel (.xls) format.

The system (at the central SQL Server) sees about 1,000,000 transactions for each 24 hour period and is in operation 24/7. There is a dial-up capability for remote viewing of the web pages as well as maintenance.

Users can also generate ad-hoc queries to the SQL Server via ACCESS.

Thank you,

Rick Hudson
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Gillingham Household

Suggest you try . Their WebHMI Server plus GraphWorX recipe wizard and TrendWorX for Datalogging would work. They provide a Free
Development System for their New Release 6 so there is nothing to lose by trying!

Imran Shabbir

Dear Kimberley,

Siemens PCS7 offers an open interface for such requirements.


Imran Shabbir

Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo


I recommend you try

There is a trial version of Lookout which you may like to use. The trial version has all the features of the full version but it will work
for a limited time and it will accept only a small number of I/O.

Hope you find this advice useful.

Jimmy Saldivias
[email protected]