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Am about to purchase Wonderware to collect data from OMRON PLC's, Temperature Controllers and National Instruments Field Point aquisition system.

Purpose is to collect cycle time and process information from injection presses for supervision.

I would value opinions on suitability of Wonderware or alternatives that I should review.
Wonderware licencing for each application is something to look closely at. Look at INSQL for data logging collection.

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Well in selection of SCADA software one major factor is amount of data to be collected and number of HMI screens required. From your question it seems that the amount of data to be manipulated is not very extensive. If this is correct i would recommend to use Siemens Protool/Pro Scada software. This can save huge amount of money compared with Wondareware. The driver for omron is builtin Protool/Pro. I have personally used Siemens Protool/Pro on two of my projects (with Siemens S7 PLC) about two years ago and as far as performance is concerned my clients are more than happy.
I have worked with the GE/Fanuc Cimplicity Plant Edition software for over 3 years and find it to be an outstanding SCADA software package. They have a very scalable package that is very cost effective and it has better SCADA capabilities than Wonderware.

The software is OPC compliant and does a very good job at handling multiple communication protocols.

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Definately check out "": . Citect comes with drivers for almost everything, OPC and most PLCs, at no extra cost. They also have a FINS Gateway driver for Omron. You would have to ask for it. Suggest you use Controller Link card in the PC to communicate with the PLC. Gives great speed.