Recovering from SCADA software crash


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i have a doubt that, if a SCADA software got crashed suddenly when a process is going on. what will we do as an immediate remedy..

Roshan Adhau

transfer backup or runtime files again, if this not work then reinstall your SCADA software....
If you don't have backups of the software running your plant you are going to have a hard time & long plant down times with upset managers as well.

Put simply --

First step - Create an inventory of PLCs, RTUs, servers, workstations that you think are critical to your plant.

Second step - Make sure you have the software available to create copies of the configuration of all these critical items. If you haven't buy it.

Third step - Back up the critical items not just to hard disks but to non-writable offline media e.g. CDs, DVDs. Make 2 copies.

Forth Step - Label them well (so you know what machine they are associated with) and store offsite or in a proper firesafe as far away from the machines as you can.

Fifth Step - After every change do it all again or say after a certain period. That period will be specific to your needs.

Servers, workstations etc can be backed up using binary disk images Norton Ghost or Acronis Recovery (I think). You might have to keep an eye on versions and operating system compatibility. You can do more but this would be a start.

Hope that helps