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Could some one guide me Congiguring two WinCC nodes as redundant nodes. I am having two WinCC nodes on Profibus network to be connected with Redundant HotStand By S7-400 H PLCs'. All the data in both the WinCC nodes should be replica of each other. This shall also include all Internal Tags along with the External PLC tags.

Could some one suggest me a step by step procedure for this.

david mertens

Redundancy is an optional package. If it's installed and the licences are present, you just have to set the redundancy options in the WinCC explorer redundancy editor. Then the only action that remains is duplicating the project from one server to the other. If you are using PCS7 V5 or higher, this can be done directly from the
simatic manager, else there is a tool called project duplicator that's installed together with WinCC. The redundancy package takes care of the rest. However you mention you are using profibus connection with the PLC's, I have no experience with the connection of redundant profibus to WinCC, we normally use ethernet CP1613 on the WinCC side (2 CP1613 per redundant server) and CP443-1 on the S7 side (1 or 2 per CPU depending on the redundancy requirements). This enables redundant communication to the WinCC servers. You then have redundant PLC's, redundant communication (2 seperate FO rings) and redundant HMI. Hope this helps.
Thanks for ur prompt reply. I had few doubts.

1. I am having WinCC V5.0. 1024 Tags RC & RT.With this installed in control centre am getting Redundancy Option in the control centre from where i can configure my Redundant Partner server.With this configured on both the server, I am not getting the required results. Is Redundancy package to be ordered seperately. Could get me the part No / MLFB No.

2. Is it possible to configure Redundancy on Standard Ethernet???

3. With redundancy configured do i get duplication of all my Internal tags on both the servers.???

Looking forward for ur reply.

david mertens

1. The software is on your WinCC or PCS7 CD, it's probably already installed. The licence has to be ordered seperately: MLFB 6AV6 371-1CF05-0AX0 (One disk contains 2
licences, one for each server). You can download the manual from :

2. Yes, but with some limitations. I don't know the exact details as I have never done a redundant system with BCE (Basic communication Ethernet).

3. Yes if they are defined as project wide tags, not if they are defined as computer local tags.

Kind regards.

Mark Oldfield

I think WinCC redundancy is a big task to try. I have not tried it with profibus, but I think this option will not give you true comms redundancy as with Industrial Ethernet. From my experience the project duplication of the project was not easy (in V5.0 anyway) but I presume you are working on an Engineering Station so I have shown the procedure below. There is also quite a bit of configuration to do with NetPro etc if you are redundant AS's.

WinCC Duplication

This is the procedure to be carried out after changes have been made to the ES WinCC configuration that requires a duplication to both the Operator Servers. We duplicate to OS1 first (so that we can run plant on OS2 if required) and then duplicate to OS2 after we re-start OS1. The duplication procedure is carried out as follows :-

1.Shutdown WinCC on OS1 & ES
2.In \\COMPUTER01\project_path\ rename ‘OS1’ folder to ‘OS1_backup’ and create new folder ‘OS1’ and sub-folder ‘OS’
3.In ES copy the OS1.xdb file (located in XDB’s folder) to \\COMPUTER01\project_path\OS1\OS
4.Re-name OS1 file from OS1.xdb to OS.xdb
5.In ES use the ‘WinCC – Tools – Project Duplicator’ program and copy from \\ENG_STATION\project_path\OS\OS.mcp to COMPUTER01\\COMPUTER01\project_path\OS1 and press duplicate.
6.Carry out post-duplication steps for OS1 as described below
7.Start WinCC runtime on OS1
8.Shutdown WinCC OS2
9.In \\COMPUTER01\project_path\ rename ‘OS2’ folder to ‘OS2_backup’ and create new folder ‘OS2’ and sub-folder ‘OS’
10.In ES copy the OS2.xdb file (located in XDB’s folder) to \\COMPUTER02\project_path\OS2\OS\
11.Re-name OS2 file from OS2.xdb to OS.xdb
12.In ES use the ‘WinCC – Tools – Project Duplicator’ program and copy from \\ENG_STATION\project_path\OS\OS.mcp to COMPUTER02\\COMPUTER02\project_path\OS2 and press duplicate.
13.Carry out post-duplication steps for OS2 as described below
14.Start WinCC runtime on OS2

Post-Duplication Steps
After a WinCC duplication is carried out from the ES to the Operator Servers (as described in the section above) then the following steps must also be carried every time. WinCC run-time must be de-activated before carrying out these steps.

Re-Load WinCC Run-Time Database
For each OS, copy the old runtime database (file name Osrt.dB) from the project back-up copy and paste it into the current project. This is needed as the ES WinCC does not always run and has no storage facilities set-up on it, therefore, when the WinCC project is duplicated into the Operator Servers it does not have a current run-time database.

Refresh Picture Tree Manager
For each OS the picture tree manager has to be refreshed by opening the WinCC ‘Picture Tree Manager’ program and then saving it, then close when saved.

Change Application Name
Change application name by clicking WinCC ‘Tag Management’ , choose ‘Simatic S7Protocol’ then ‘Named Connections’ then ‘Properties’, again ‘Properties’ and again ‘Properties’. In the ‘Application Name’ tab change from WinCCApplication to WinCCApplicationRed.

Server Redundany Set-up
Set-up server redundancy in both OS’s by opening WinCC ‘Redundancy’, then tick the ‘activate redundancy’ box. For OS1 change the ‘redundant server partner’ to COMPUTER02 and for OS2 change it to COMPUTER01. soon will be...

If you want more information you can let me know.