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Hello! I am use Redundancy ControlLogix system (1756-L61)? one rack I/O and Redundancy ControlNet (CN2R series B). 1 CN2R in controller rack (main & reserve) and 2 CN2R in I/O rack in slot0 & slot 9. The problem is then I disconnect cables controlnet off from 1 or 2 CN2R in I/O rack - my DO module (1756-OB32)resets its outputs to "0" (losing connection with CN2R) from 1-2 seconds and then outputs restored (connection with another CN2R in rack).

How to prevent this situation? (resetting outputs)

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The architecture you are describing is not the way ControlLogix Redundancy is designed to work.

The "R" type ControlNet modules provide media redundancy, and the two CPU racks and 1756-RM modules provide controller redundancy.

But there isn't "network path" or "network bridge module" redundancy; you're not supposed to be able to switch between two or more 1756-CN2R modules in a single I/O chassis.

I have seen systems built this way in order to attempt to fulfill a specification requirement, but that doesn't change the way the ControlLogix Redundancy system works.

When you completely disconnect the 1756-CN2R that is bridging the logical connection to the Rack Object or to an Analog module, that logical connection has to shut down.

Performing a programmatic inhibit/enable of a second logical connection is a clever programming trick, but it's not the way ControlLogix Redundancy is supposed to work.

You could configure the Output module to Hold Last State in the event of a connection failure, but that would not allow you to actually turn the Output off in the event of a "real" network failure.