Redundancy of Sisco AX-S4 ICCP, LinkMaster, KepServerEx


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I currently using Sisco AX-S4 ICCP, LinkMaster, KepServerEx to communicate with Sinut spectrum on the upstream and PLC on the downstream.

Does anyone have experience in working with the above combination of software? I have a problem with the redundancy function of the system. I have two servers called OPC 1 Server (active mode) and OPC 2 Server (standby mode). Each consists of Sisco ICCP, LinkMaster and KepServerEx. There is a redundancy for the ICCP program as there is always be one logical link up to communicate with the ICCP program in Sinut spectrum. There is not actual redundancy in Link Master and KepserverEX. There is a redundancy setting in LinkMaster but it not applicable for this system as it only pings to check it redundancy partner. The LinkMaster should be able to detect the current online status of the Sisco ICCP AX-S4 program before it switch over to be active mode. It might solve the problem I will mention below. The LinkMaster and KepserverEX from the two OPC servers will always be active.

In the standyby OPC2 server. The data values of the linkmaster will be in bad quality as the data in ICCP do not get update from Sinut spectrum due to its standby mode.

The bad quality value will transmit to the PLC as both the LinkMaster and KepServerEX. The bad quality value is read as logic ‘0’. Logic ‘0’ is used to indicate the inconsistent state of on field CB, Therefore it will cause problems in the desired output in PLC.

There is seems to another software call redundancy from Kepware which might solve the problem. Is there any other solution? Thanks.