Redundancy test Failed on MARK VIe

Dear Gents,

As part of our job is to perform the Redundancy test on Dual MARK VIe controller (UCSB). redundancy test working fine for MARK VIES FGS and MARK VIes SIS controller but not succeeded on MARK VIe controller. what can failed this test as per your experience and in what exactly i have to focus.


You know, my watch stopped working last week. The buttons still worked but it doesn't seem to be keeping time correctly.

What could be the problem, please?

You just posed a similar question--with almost no data about how you performed the test and what the results were and what you have done to try to resolve the problem or understand the results.

How did you prepare for this "redundancy" test?

What did you expect the "redundancy" test to prove?

Where did you get the procedure for your "redundancy" test?

Where is the data from the results of your "redundancy" test?

What makes you believe the redundancy test failed?

How did you perform the redundancy test of the Mark VIeS?

Why did you believe the redundancy test you used for the Mark VIes would be sufficient and appropriate for the Mark VIe?

Have you spoken with GE or the supplier of the turbine control system about the redundancy tests and asked them for help in analyzing the results?

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Can you please help me, BENSALEMLAZHAR?