Redundant Cimplicity pager option


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Trevor Meserve

I have a redundant cimplicity HMI setup and want to use the pager option. How can I make the pager work with whichever HMI is primary. How does it know which scada to use? Can I write a script? Using newest versions of all software and Windows. Anybody ever do this?

Andre Benoit

I use this option in redundant project and I'm in the same situation of you. The technical support of netcon technology and GE help you only with $$$
cimplicity safe and netcon rate.
When primary where the modem is instaled is on the pager work well so if transfert primary go on slave, only firstpage work well on slave via modem on master no alarm page to modem is tranmit to central.
I install server pager on master and client on slave its is OK ?
Sombody can help