Refrigeration Control Principle


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I would like to learn about the Principle of refrigeration control system. Could you please suggest to me about any URL which explains about this system.

gerald beaudoin

Checkout "" for troubleshooting and reference books. I have some of their publications and they are a good addition to a technical library. There is a volume that refers specifically to refrigeration systems.

Gerald Beaudoin

Kelly A. Kearns

To whom this may concern:
My name is Kelly Kearns and I am doing a report on refrigerators. I would like to know if you could explain to me the scientific principle behind refrgeration and why evaporation is a process that absorbs heat. If this is possible please contact me. Thank You.

Kelly, my name is Caitlin and I am also doing a report on refrigerators. I need the exact same info you are asking for. I can't find the infor anywhere!!! I'm desperate!!! If anyone has sent you any helpful information, PLEASE forward it to me a "[email protected]" I need the information by sunday night 12/1/02 Thank you so so so much.