Regarding Applicom Profibus and FMS protocol .


I have a HMI running Intouch 7.1 version application and the NIC card is Applicom Profibus NIC PCU1500 PFB . The Wartsila Generator is using S7-300 will profibus FMS protocol .

The problem is that the actual Applicom card was damaged during the relocation of the generator and as a result we purchased another similar applicom card .

During configuration we can not find any FMS protocol under equipment list of the profibus . So we could not set up the FMS parameters , Any suggestion will be helpful regarding the matter .

Thank you in advance .
Tony .
Profibus FMS has never been v ery popular due to its complexity, I would not be too surprised if Applicom silently dropped support for it in more recent products. Now since FMS and DP devices cannot communicate (they just tolerate each other on the cable) the only solution would be to find another card with support for FMS and supported by Intouch.