Regarding Memory Problems with MsAccess2000


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Shaji John

Dear List
Sir , one of the applications that I have developed in MS Access is about 24 MB (Compacted size) and has about 80 tables , 100 saved queries , 60 form and outputs about 40 different types of reports. The Coding as usual has been done in VBA .
Sir , the problem that I am facing is that , whenever I try to open my application in design view and try to go into the Visual Basic Editor , the system runs out of memory. I have used the Resource monitor to Monitor the progress and have confirmed that as soon as the Visual basic Editor is opened , the System Resources become Zero. I have tried this on a 32 MB , 64MB & 128 MB RAM machines with the same effect . The O/S I use is Windows 98 . All softwares that I use are genuine and are registered.
Sir , as I am unable to do any coding in the Visual Basic editor , My the development of my application has been hindered. The Hardware vendors are sure that this is not a Hardware problem . I have also tested the machines for Viruses and have found none . I keep my virus definitions updated ( definitions dated 22/05/2001 ) and the possibility of the problem being virus related is negligible.