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dear list, iam a electronics engineer by disciplne and presently i am there in the dcs instrumentation feild and i want to switch over my line to embedded software line. i want to concentrate presently on RTOS( real time operating systems). can anybody suggest where can i get good articles and information about popular RTOS which is currently ben used in industry. i require the following informations.
1. what are all the prerequisites should i have to acquire or develop to enter in embedded software line.and where can i get the relavant informations.
2. where can i get free downloads of various RTOS operating systems
3. where can i get some good RTOS sample projects downloads
4. where can i get sample projects on VxWorks RTOS.
it will be very grateful help for me if somebody can help me in getting the above informations with very warm regards and expecting fruitful reply venkateswaran( venki )

Hai vegi,

I saw your web site asking for the projects in embedded. I am also doing course in embedded. I am also looking for a project. If you could kindly suggest me a project it will be useful for me. I hope by this time you would have gathered information regarding the project.

hai venki!
i am seshagiri. i am doing b.e computers. i am searching for a project on embedded systems. my friends also ready to do projects on that side.what and all we need to study.and please show me the project for us. we are 8 members ready to do that. 4 members from electronics and 4 from computers. so please give us the information and projects.
thank you, bye.

Jason Spencer

Since a lot of RTOS tradeoffs and design decisions can be tricky, you might consider outsourcing you development to someone who knows the in's and out's of each already. Look at or call me (the Lead Engineer for embedded systems at Art & Logic) at 530.273.7381 if I can answer more questions.

Jason Spencer
hi venki,
i m doing b.e computers and want to do project in embedded systems .i hope you would have got one so plz suggest me some projects .
Hi Venki, I am Mahesh. Me and my friends are doing Embedded Systems course and searching for a project on embedded systems. If u got any sample projects or any site for VxWorks as well as Embedded software projects, can you please tell me the information. Thank you