Register Level Programming for PCIcard (Esp.National Instrument PCI-1200)


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Leorado Ontario

Dear All

Is there anyone knows about register level programming for PCI card(especially for national instrument PCI-1200).I am using PCI AD/DA card
on window NT in order to control my hydraulic system.We like to control the system in real time. So, we bought real time kernal(RTSS-Real Time SubSystem)and add to the window NT. On real time mode, I can't use the drivers those are supply by vendor(such as NI_DAQ 6.0). If some one has any information on this kind of issue, please share with me. I will appreciate very much.

Thanks in advance

Curt Wuollet


You might try hunting up the Linux Lab Project site. They don't do windows, but there are a lot of people who know a lot about DAQ cards. In fact, they have a COMEDI project that is an open source driver builder for DAQ cards. They also have some drivers around for some NI cards that would provide the info you need, I don't have
the URL handy but a search at for data acquisition should point you to their web page. If you can read C code you should be all set.

Hope this helps

Curt Wuollet
Linux Systems Engineer,
Heartland Engineering Co.

Greg Eischeid

Ask National Instruments for the publication detailing Register Level Programming for the model of PCI card you have. They do publish and sell it to customers that express the interest. At least they did 3 years ago...

Greg Eischeid
Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation
Colchester, VT