register map for vlt micro of danfoss

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Alvaro Hernandez

I need to know the register map of the parameters of the vlt micro frecuency converter of danfoss to write and read with a twido, via modbus rtu. Thanks for your replies.

marc sinclair


try from the Danfoss website, here are all the manuals for the danfoss VLT. Their website is very poor, all microsoft schema this and visual that, it certainly didn't enhance my 'browsing experience' the search engine is extremely flakey too, so good luck.

Marc Sinclair

Curt Wuollet

That's a trend that's really beginning to bug me. People put up websites that are not only Windows only, but they won't even work with other versions of Windows. I usually make a point of emailing the webmaster with the reality of the internet IFF their mail link happens to work. It seems being able to click on Front Page qualifies you as a web developer these days.


Alvaro Hernandez

Thanks Marc, I found the complete manual in somewhere the web that now don't remember, but the information that i needed was in the inner manual inside the box of converter.