Relays in presses


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Stephen Wright

We operate several large fineblanking presses. We have experienced repeated failures of industrial relays on these presses. Are there standards for press control design and construction? Can anyone suggest a source for
relays that can be used in a press the strokes millions of times per year?

Anthony Kerstens

How are the relays failing?
What are the relays being used for?
I can't really make a recommendation without
further information on the application.

Also, yes, there are standards for presses, but they don't specify types of relays but rather the
behaviour or systems and circuits. I don't have the ANSI codes handy, but the relevant CSA code books are:

CSA-Z142-M90 Code for Punch Press and Brake Press Operations.
CSA-Z432-94 Safeguarding of Machinery.

And if you have a robot feeding your press:
CSA-Z434-94 Industrial Robots and Robot Systems.

Given your question, and apparent lack of
knowledge, I _strongly_ suggest that you get a sales rep in who has particular knowledge in this area. Especially if this relay is for a light curtain or other safety circuit.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.