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Nguyen, Phandai

I am looking for some life expectancy data, and MTBF and modes of failure for the following components:

1. Pneumatic Cylinders
2. Solenoid Valves
3. Syringe Pumps
4. Electronics relays
5. Mechanical relays.
6. Stepper motors.
7. Servo motors.
8. PC systems.
9. Digital I/O boards.

If you have any information or know of any resources on the web, please send a response to this message. Thank you for all your help.

Phandai Nguyen
Reliability Information References:
1. Reliability, Maintainability and Risk (Practical Methods for Engineers) 4th Edition, David J. Smith, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1993,
ISBN 0-7506-0854-4, Phone 800-366-2665

Outstanding background material plus an excellent listing of failure rates, failure modes, fatality rates, and human error rates. Note: There is now a
5th edition.

2. OREDA-92 (Offshore Reliability Data) DNV Industry, Veritasveien 1, N-1322 H=D8VIK, Norway, 1992, (Phone 011 47 67 57 72 50,
Fax 011 47 67 57 7474)

By far the best listing of failure rate data (even though it is focused for the offshore industry). Unfortunately it's very expensive (about $500). Fax for the latest price.

3. Guidelines For Process Equipment Reliability Data With Data Tables, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Center for Chemical Process
Safety, 1989, ISBN 0-8169-0422-7, Phone 800-242-4363

A decent listing of failure rate date in the process industry. Not as complete as OREDA, but less expensive and readily available in the U.S.

4. IEEE Std 500-1984, Equipment Reliability Data for Nuclear-Power Generating Stations, IEEE and John Wiley & Sons, 1984, ISBN 471-80785-0, Phone 800-678-4333

A 2 1/2 inch thick book full of failure rate data, but it's out of print.

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The most widely used prediction handbook is "MIL-HDBK-217" by the department of defense. Another good source is "TR-332" from Bellcore.