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Dave W.

We need reliable open channel flow meters for storm water. Static level in the pipes may vary from empty to completely full because of level variation in receieving waters.

The storm water is fairly clean. Pipes are from 3 feet to 7 feet in diameter. There is some silt and occasional vegetation. We have tried Marsh McBirney Model 253 (Faraday velocity sensor with pressure cell level sensor) to make velocity times area flow measurement. There is frequent, nearly daily, loss of conductivity message from the meters. Is there anything other than a flume or weir that works better?
Go back to Marsh McBirney and try their FloDar radar open channel product.

Walt Boyes

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Walt Boyes wrote:
> Go back to Marsh McBirney and try their FloDar radar open channel product.<

Thanks. We are using FloDar where the pipe never completely fills. The Model 253's are in place where the pipe may be full because of high level at the outfall.
Contact MGD Technologies regarding their ADFM meter.

In my opinion, this is a much better solution than Marsh-McBirney, although more expensive. It uses a patented doppler technology that is immune to many of the problems of magnetic type sensors. This is not garden variety doppler, its proprietary.
Contact John MacDonald ([email protected]). at Martin Control Services (800) 300-1966. They are experts when it comes to flowmeters and they have helped many people choose the right flowmeter for the job. He has replaced many of the older Marsh-McBirney meters with Sigma meters with great success.