Remote access to DCS system running on QNX 4.22a


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Mike Crutch

We are attempting to remote access our DCS system running on QNX 4.22a with Bailey infi 90 for long distance trouble shooting purposes. Due to security issues we would like to connect from a Windows based computer (NT4 or 95) into one of the QNX machines. The QNX machines and the Bailey infi 90 modules are connected through Token ring. The Windows based computer will be on an Ethernet network separate from the DCS Token Ring. The transport media can be modem or Ethernet although Ethernet is preferred. Is there a "pc-Anywhere" type software that can be run on the QNX as the remote control host?

Bradley G. Hite

Hello Mike,

I would suggest the VNC program from AT&T labs This software is open source and works well for me. Unfortunately I did not see a port to QNX available from their site. With the source code you could probably make a port to run on QNX though.

Hope this helps.

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Zeljko Fucek

There is a piece of software from QNX called Phindows (see, which allows remote connectivity between Win32 platforms and graphical applications running on Photon (not X or QNX windows). It can be used over serial/modem or Ethernet connection and screen updates over Ethernet were excellent compared to pcAnywhere. Phindows runs more stable on Windows NT. I can send you Phindows help file (25K) if you want to see install, configure and
use it.

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Tim Ricketts

Lantronix Inc. makes the Cobox family of products which may be of help to you. You would be able use a serial tunnel through the Lan to gain connection.

Tim Ricketts [email protected]