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Roy Matson

I have been asked to make a few simple changes to the configuration of an Allen Bradley PLC at the other side of the country. The PLC is not near any phone lines but I was lead to believe you can connect via cell technology.

There is no Rockwell RSLogix on site. it resides on my laptop and the preferred method of connection would be via ethernet similar to how I would if I were on site with my laptop plugged directly into the ethernet switch.

Is this feasible?

I thought you guys would jump all over this one.

I have since spoken with a cell modem supplier who is quite familiar with the rockwell software and claims by going on the internet you can dial up their cell modem which connects to the PLC.

Hi there,

Surprisingly, i am currently doing a project on remote condition monitoring of a compressor package situated at the other end of the world.

A stand-alone PLC is attached along the compressor package.
What I'm doing is to connect this PLC to an Industrial Cellular 3G modem (RadioLinx RLXIC)and then be able to view the performance data of the compressor.

Since I am using a modem, it should be relatively easy to try and get the performance trends. ('try' because I am yet to do it and hopefully it will be done in the next couple of days). Using RSLogix and RSLinx,, it is definitely possible to communicate with the PLC.

I'm not sure if this helped you in any way but if you have any inputs regarding this, please feel free to contact me. I will also try and help you in any possible way I can.

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Simon Gibson

I recommend making sure the remote equipment is attached to a local Ethernet network. Your next objective would be to attach the local network to the Internet. My method usually involves putting a VPN router on the local network. That way I can establish a secure network connection without requiring network forwarding which requires IT department cooperation.

You will need to setup the VPN network so you can route the required protocols.