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I want to actuate a simple mechanical device (small and light) with a simple remote control.
All I need is for the remote to control the pressing of a button.

How do I do it or where can I buy the components?

Forgive my lack of technical details, I'm just a chemical engineer. We only had to take EE225.

Sounds like a garage door opener. But smaller.

I wonder if you can buy just the remote transmitter and receiver as "spares".



Radio shack provides kits that can do this. Check the latest catalog. They have RF transmitter and receiver pairs, or you can use infra-red.

--Joe Jansen

Curt Wuollet

Go to Home Depot and get a garage door opener. Instant, reasonably secure remote control. And the rest of the stuff should be handy for


I recently searched for internet sources for simple remote controls. These are similar to automobile keyless entry systems. Some offer
experimenter kits. Be careful of the range you require.

Some of the results:





" Remote Controls": Remote Controls

Some of this equipment is surprisingly inexpensive. I have not used any of it, so I can't offer any recommendations.

Jeff Owens
The medical monitoring industry makes small pendants that geriatrics carry around their necks in case they fall down in the tub !!

I think the range is about 200 feet.

The receiver board usually has a small relay contact that's actuated when the button is pressed.

If I recall these things run less than $100.

Mark Hill