Remote data monitoring using Wonderware InTouch


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I want to connect two InTouch nodes placed at 2 Km using modem. Can anybody suggest me a scheme with s/w and hardware needed and configuration to be done? Regards Ganesh
Supposing you are in NT, you can do that using RAS services. I've done this many times and it's quite simple. Once you have a RAS link established between the nodes, it behaves exactly as any other network comm so it will be transparent to InTouch without any particular configuration. Warning: If you use TCP/IP as dialing protocol, NT can't resolve node names through a TCP/PPP link. So you should add entries to the lmhosts file or use the IP address instead of the node name in the InTouch AccessName configuration. HTH. Eugenio
In this case you have to use NT Server instead of NT work station. Since, NT workstation allows only one logon at once. If you intend to connect more that two nodes InTouch terninal server edition is desireble.
I try to use Ras service but something don´t run good. I cn connect client with server but I can´t use network utilities (share folders , files etc). Can you help me?


Steve Joanis

Instead of using RAS directly into the PC I use RAS into either a Shiva Netmodem/E or a WebRAMP. These devices are inexpensive Remote Access Servers that provide dial up access to your network.

Additionally, make sure that both machines are in the same workgroup and have IP addresses on the same network. (You will want to have distict networks for your local machine IP bound to a network card and another that the RAS server provides)

Lastly, make sure to configure you IP addresses in your HOSTS file as well as LMHOST. This will provide you with name resolution for stuff like mapping drives, etc. You can map drives using the IP address also (\\\c$).