Remote Fuel tank Telemetry(GPRS) solution required


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We require a solution for monitoring the fuel level in tanks remotely. It should be done via GPRS. We require a fuel tank level sensor,an impurity sensor, a temperature sensor and need to hook up two binary sensors to the solution.

We require the following capabilities

-Analog signals from multiple sensors (fuel tank level , temperature,2 other binary alarms)
-A2D converter
-GSM Module
-Storage around 2 GB (if possible)
-Scheduled transmission of results to a web server via GPRS(every 5 minutes)
-Triggered transmission of results to a web server via GPRS
-Updates can be triggered via SMS from the web-server. Updates will be done via GPRS.
-Periodic NTP synchronization with the web server. ( results of the sensors will be transmitted with time stamp)
-Software to an external micro-controller continuous communication. If there is no heartbeat from the GSM Module's Software to the external micro-controller, micro-controller should be able to RESET the GSM Module.

-A webserver is required that can consolidate the date from more than 500 sites and generate reports.

Kindly propose a solution.

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You might want to consider having the data collection and the report generation done by separate application packages. One package could collect the data and put it into a database, and the other could extract data from the database and produce reports on demand.

There is no reason to have both tasks done by the same application package. Producing reports is then just a conventional web application.

Shahid Waqas

Look at the Siemens A&D website. They have some real interesting products in the Simatic series.

Can not recall the product name though
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Try It has a product that is designed to work with remote telemetry (NetPro-ModServ). The head end talks Modbus TCP but can be integrated to other popular protocols. The communication between server and remotes is all event based and uses HTTP. You do not need to implement SMS messages. The remote needs to poll commands/push events. So if the remote cannot push the events or periodic reports (it can see it via HTTP timeout), it can then command the micro-controller to reset the GPRS modem. The library is written under .Net framework and the remote can be implemented under .Net Compact or .Net Micro. Using .Net Micro can give you really inexpensive solutions. The information and a trial version are available at the site. helps you to integrate the final solution.

Hi Nash,

I be interested in knowing how you got on with this project. What solution did you go with in the end?