Remote HMI link with Modicon Micro PLC612


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Ali Raza

I have setup of Modicon Micro PLC612 and Total Control Junior Color Panel for HMI. The Junior panel communicates on Exp-link port available on Micro PLC612. There are two serial ports are on PLC 612. Now I want to develop HMI application to monitor & control PLC data from remote location in parallel to existing HMI. The distance is 600-700m. Please suggest suitable solution.


If you are short a Modbus port on the 612 you can plug a Modbus port arbitrator like one from CALTA Systems into a serial port on the 612. You can use any number of gadgets to span the distance to your new HMI, line drivers, modems, radios, etc. Microwave Data Systems and Data-Linc make radios that will work fine in this application.

I suggest you call your Modicon supplier and make sure you have one of the good 612's. Earlier this year they shipped some 612's that did not communicate though some commonly used radios and
modems. There is a chip in these 612's that will not tolerate any communication device that applies stop bit shortening.

Jay Kirsch