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Dave Newbury

I have TSX P57202M PLC control system in a TSX RKY12 non extensible chassis. There are spare slots, but not on position 0.

I need to fit remote I/O to this system (distance less than 100 m). Local I/O is not an option as I do not have enough cable marshalling space within the control panel.

Also, I need to fit the hardware portion of this upgrade without shutting the system down as the control panel is crucial to the plant production process (changing the PLC chassis to extensible type is not an option).

Help, please.

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Dave Newbury.
There is a module you can put on the backplane to add Bus-X capability to the rack. It mounts as a module on the rack and then you can extend it to other Bus-X extendable racks up to 100m away. It allows you to go out 2 directions to other backplanes, not just one. So if this is the center of 3 control panels, you can run one each side. TSXREY200.

Or you can just replace the rack you have with an extendable and go up to 100m to another rack.

However neither of this is going to be installable without bringing the system offline.