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Parag Bhadra

I want to set up a remote monitoring station for some PLC / Instrument at a plant which is linked through telephone. Doesnt have to be real time. We want to Dial up from the Remote station and check and d/l data at the plant. I need advice on the configuration and design requirements. I know that there are commercial products which do this but we want to build it from scratch with only the basic components purchased and the software built in-house. Could somebody advise regarding the following. 1. Softwares required. We would like to have the ultimate output on DDE-Linked XL sheets. 2. Hardware required. The basic instrumentation with 4-20 mA signals (say 5-10 nos) is available. Thanks and Best Regards Parag Bhadra
Dump an old 486 on the site, connect to the PLC, put your PLC-soft on this antique, connect to your modem, then monitor via some old crap software like CloseUp or PcAnywhere. DDE is on your side. If you want a direct connection to the PLC with some alien protocol please contact me (for free of course). Pat. PLC-Software engineer.
We can do this with a data logger and modem. Software at your site can be programmed to automatically call each site and download the days data into an Excel spreadsheet. Please see the HyperLogger and HAP at Regards, Mark Albert

Pragnesh Patel

You are required to transfer your data either using mailing or direct data transfer through phone line. You can use readymade package or make yourself.