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Hello List,

Pardon me for this basic question

I have to find the cheapest and reliable solution for the following:

One master Control Unit (MCU) is to be connected to 30 collection points which are located within 8 KM range. All the connection points will be provided with sensors to collect temperature, pressure and oil level. Data will be transferred through Radio Modems to the MCU. The preferred
frequency is 400 to 450 MHz. The MCU will have RS 232 port, which will be connected to PC. The PC will have the required software for control.

There are 30 sensors only

Which sensors I have to select?
Whether RTU is required or any other equipment like TELEMETRY TRANSMITTER
Which Radio Modems
Which SCADA software at MCU

Thanks for any help


Have you tried the 05 Koyo PLC . It has two 232 ports. The MCU uses one for the PC comms and the other for the Radio comms. The slave units will have an analoge card in it, and these values can be read into the MCU. The MCU can read up to 240 slave stations. The slave units are also 232 so the whole lot are separately addresable.

Try for pricing and ordering.