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Hi all,

We have supplied steam turbines at various places. These turbines are PLC controlled , along with Woodward governor & woodward DSLC. I have been assigned to establish the remote monitoring of these turbines at our place using the PC at a minimum cost. Can some body through light on the methods used & the best & economical method.
B.R. Sandeep.
Dear Sandeep,

You could look at using Windows2000 Terminal Services Server to host applications installed at the site to you sitting remote, provided the
appplications support Win2K Terminal Services.
An option is to use an HMI such as RSView, which allows remote clients to log in through a dial-up link into the site PC and get all site information in real-time. There are Historian products available to allow logging of data at
the Site PC, which allow you to dial-up to the plant and look up the data using Internet Explorer. Since I work with Rockwell, I mentioned Rockwell products here. There are other HMI's too and you may select based on your budget and
preference. If you wish to further reduce costs, it is possible to look at a custom application, which would collect data at the site PC and then dial out to your central server and send data into it at intervals. Then you could look at the data and analyse it at your own time.