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I am checking on current "working references" for fully unmanned operation of a natural gas booster 4 MW compressor station operated remotely (30 km away). Start-up can be done locally from a local control room. Are you aware of any such installation(s)? I know there is a installation of remote operated platform in Norway over a distance of 65 km connected by fiber optic cable to onshore based DCS.

What kind of communication link was used? Dedicated fiber optic cable or country's telephone network ?

Where there any additional safety considerations in design?

Has been user experience been satisfactory with this approach?

I would appreciate your input.

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Diana C Bouchard

This is not exactly your application, but it might be close. Eric P. Marske of Electronic Systems Technology Inc. presented a paper at ISA TECH 97 entitled "Lost Cabin Gas Plant Uses Wireless Control to Enhance Production and Safety". The application involves a "wireless distributed control network that allows monitoring of the flow and pressure from each
well location from within the Gas Plant." Wireless was used to avoid disturbing the site which contained traces of the original covered wagon trails to Oregon and was therefore historic.

This paper should be available for purchase and download from the ISA web site,

Diana Bouchard

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