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I've got an application where I need a remote power supply, ie something to provide juice to a small plc, some limit switches, and a light tower...

however, this hardware will be mounted on a material transfer cart that will be moved around and all over the place.

Is there such a device out there that is reasonably inexpensive?

Suggestions [not knowing specifics]:
1. Long extension cord & power strip.
2. Batteries. Seal lead acid or monoblocks, commomly available in 6V, 12V. Drawback is you'd need to recharge them afterwards.
3. Uninterruptable power source [UPS]. This is an inverter with batteries. There are many variety out there and sizes [see].
With the UPS you get 120 VAC out [or 100VAC, 240VAC etc.] but you need to plugin to 120VAC to recharge the batteries after they are run down. Cost can be anywhere from $90 to thousands depending on run time and power rating [VA]. You'd still need a DC power supply that takes 120VAC. Maybe one of those wall AC/adapters. Should use a low wattage lamp to limit drain on batteries.
4. Gas powered generator.
Good luck.


Kevin Seifert

Is your "cart" near a power source (ie 120vac)? If it is, you can use an enclosed 12vdc or 24vdc power supply that is available at most electronic suppliers. If not, maybe try using a battery with solar charger.

Curt Wuollet

I know at least GE offers a power supply module that accepts I believe 9-30 VDC as input. This and a couple of SLA batteries and you're in business if you can then use bus power for the
other doodads. A LED light tower shouldn't be a problem. The SLA battery vendors usually sell chargers as well. OF course you could rig a generator to the wheels.... :^)
As a side note, we tried one of these DC supply modules to fix the memory problems being discussed in another thread.
It did prove it wasn't power, just a bug, err...undocumented feature.



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If the motion is on fixed locations like rails , then the same can be used to power the devices inside the mobile vehicle.
If the movement is not fixed then a UPS inside the moving vehicle and batteries that draw charge from the vehicle's dynamo-alternator etc., is
another possibility.