Remote programming of an A984-145 over existing modbus + to ethernet gateway


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I have an existing Modicon A984-145 processor that has been retrofitted by a contractor to poll equipment status for graphics display. The contractor installed a Prosoft 5303 MBP DFNT Modbus + to Ethernet gateway. I want to use this connection for remote programming and troubleshooting via "online ladder monitoring" in addition to it's current use. It appears to be possible using the communication mode "Program Slave Path" as described in the help menu in ProWorx 32, however I'm not sure how to go about this.

Robert Willis

First you need to verify that the gateway that you have choosen will support programming. If the gateway support programming then from the Ethernet side you will use both the IP Address of the Gateway and the Index / Unit ID to forward the connection to the proper Modbus Plus device. As an example
Index / Unit ID 01 <<>> Modbus Plus Address 01
Index / Unit ID 02 <<>> Modbus Plus Addeess 40
The Index / Unit ID routing is typically a configuration item. You will need to check with Prosoft to determine if this is possible.