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Daniel Rozok

I have an application where I need to control the loadout process, a 4-10 digital points, remotely from a truck. The truck will stop on a scale, then using a 'industrial garage door opener' initate the process from the cab of the truck. Either the scale or the operator can stop the process. the operator will move the truck during the loadout process to ensure an even distribution of the bulk material.

They do this exact process now, they just get out of the cab and move the hand switches at ground level, jump back into the truck and move it to distribute the load while looking at the scale signboard.

No PLC, though I could get RIO if absolutely necessary. Have worked with remote locomotive systems, but they seem overkill for this application. Looking for something with 4-8 digital signals that would trigger a contact that I could stick into the hardwired circuit.

I know about ControlChief, but I have not looked or worked with their products.

Kevin Hammond

Take a look at

We are using their "Origa" remote controls on a few railroad maintenance machines, and they seem to be doing a good job.

Each transmitter/receiver set is in the $1800.00 ballpark.

Kevin Hammond
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Heath Lovell

I work for a mining company and we currently have three automated scale systems and one automated loadout. Having installed all but one of these in the last year, I have looked at a number of options. Several companies offer RF remotes (just like you use to unlock your car door) to do exactly what you want. Two companies that offer everything from hardware to software are and Feel free to email me with any other questions you have.
Heath Lovell
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Clifford Jones

Have you considered a Palm Handheld HMI application?

You could have a small PLC with an infrared port on the panel and the driver could Beam the instructions using the Palm's touch screen just like a TV remote control. Since then they would have a Palm you could also collect any data the driver needed to enter.

Effectively killing two birds with one stone..

We do this sort of thing all the time at Narly Software.

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