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Pedro Miguel

Dear Sirs:

Does anyone know tools in order to get astonishing HMI Web Graphics? i have used Visio and Extras but is not pretty good for me, also i take pics of the plant but it is not practical.


Pedro Miguel
Dear Pedro,

there are many HMI/SCADA packages available that do exactly what you were asking for. I personally have a lot of positive experience with iFIX (pharmaceutical area). Most of the functions you'll need are canned, for everything else there is VB6 and XML. Other major packages are Wonderware and RSView32.

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I just use a good graphics package for specials I need. Paint shop pro is the package that I use. I use it because it will import acad files, photos, or whatever. is also a good source if you are interested in buying a package.


Philippe Riopel

Have a look on Iconics offers a real good HMI Web product called WebHMI that export graphic pages to htm files. Everything is done easily. All image files (bmp,jpeg,gif etc) can be insert to graphic page and can be transform to symbols, allowing to animate the objects.

Hope this help

Philippe Riopel