Removing Measurement Orifice Plates to Stop Restrictions in Pipeline


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The measurement Orifice plates are being removed in one the systems at my workplace. This is to remove any pipeline restrictions. Is this going to make much differance? As although there will be a pressure drop across these plates, it will mostly get recovered, and although the pressure drops slighty, the kinetic energy (Velocity) will go up, so wont effect mass flow rate. I was lead to believe measurement orifice plates wont effect the flow much, as they are sized for minimum pressure loss and mass flow rate loss.

Unless you have pressure losses exceeding a few percent of the line pressure, it is minimal flow restriction.
What is missing from this discussion is whether or not you need to measure the flow in these pipes. If you no longer need to measure the flow in these pipes, and won't need to in the future, then remove the orifice plates. If you do need to measure the flow, what means will you be using that won't introduce any pressure loss?