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I am looking for replacement flame scanners, currently using Hamworthy Combustion.
Does anyone here knows where I can find and equivalent replacement? Aftermarket is acceptable.

Thank you!
>replacement flame scanners
>Aftermarket is acceptable.

Due to the safety nature of flame scanners, good practice is same brand replacement.

Flame scanners are expected to connect to a flame safety controller of the same brand that is designed for the exact characteristics of the scanner.

After market Flame rods are acceptable, although welding rod and wire coat hangers lack the robustness of an OEMs kanthal.

Sorry, I™’m not familiar with a source for that brand flame scanner.
A Google search finds that Hamworthy Combustion is now part of John Zink.

So try them for replacement parts.

Your burners are Hamsworthy but are your flame scanners? We had B&W boilers and burners for our Utility Boilers but the flame scanners were Fireye.

If you change to another make of flame scanner you will also have to replace your flame amps to match, probably. Or if your combustion control takes the flame scanners directly as an input you will need to find a compatible flame scanner.

Check user and service manuals and check with the big name suppliers Fireye, John Zink, Fourney, Honeywell, etc.

good luck
We have had issues with our duct burner system since construction (2001). We are working on a project to improve the system.

We started by replacing our gas valves and limit switches (done 2015-2016).

We just recently replaced the AMETEK scanners with the LAMTEC F200K scanners (done earlier this month). So far we have been very satisfied with them.

We chose to replace the scanners because we were having a hard time detecting the pilot. We would have to adjust the position of the AMETEK scanner on a weekly basis to keep them working.

We are also going to replace our igniters with LAMTEC's igniters. There are also some air and fuel issues that we are also planning to address.

GULF-TEX Consulting and a LAMTEC America both worked with us to do the upgrades. They brought out a demo unit and installed it on our burners to show us how they operated.

They also reviewed the drawings and some of the field wiring and determined that the wiring configuration was not optimal. They made recommendations to rewire the scanner circuit to increase the reliability and safety of the system. (We have not yet made the wiring changes).