Replacing RS232 to Fiberoptic with Modbus over Ethernet


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I am new with Modbus. I need to know what is Modbus and how can i use it?

I was using RS232 to Fiberoptic converter to establish a link between laptop and a computer with fiber optic interface.

Can someone help me how to do this? I exactly don't know anything about Modbus. i need to find out a replacement of "RS232 to Fiberoptic" to "Modbus over Ethernet".

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I believe you don't have to know much about Modbus, except, of course, for addressing issues.
You may choose between two devices to convert Modbus/RTU (RS-232) to Modbus/TCP (Ethernet):
Advantech ADAM-4572 or Lantronix COBOX-DR1-IAP (beware of the Lantronix UDS-10-IAP which is powered through AC adapter and is not isolated).

Tomas Fever
Modicon makes a Modbus to Ethernet bridge. Part number is 174CEV30010. That will allow you to connect a Modbus (RS232 or RS485) device (or devices with RS485) to an ethernet connection. Device is designed for copper serial wiring and copper ethernet wiring, but once the conversion to ethernet is done, a transciever to go fiber would be easily implemented.

David Doggett

I will assume that you were using Modbus Rs232 and converting this to Fiber Optic.
There are many products on teh market that will do the conversion from Modbus 232 to Ethernet. You will need one of these at the Device end, then for the PC you will just need a normal Ethernet Card. Make sure that the driver you are using at the PC is able to support Modbus TCPIP.

Once you have the signal converted to Ethernet then you have all sorts of options on transmitting the signal. Since the signal is standard Ethernet you can use Fiber Ethernet, Radio Ethernet, normal Ethernet Switches and Hubs or even RAS servers and modems.

For general information on modbus check out "": .