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E1udio Pires

Nice Sirs,

I have a plant controlled by 2 SLC-5/04 and 3 PanelView 900, exchanging data through DH+ network, with 2 serial printers for alarm register and other some process variables.

I intend to improve this report generation, with higher formatting flexibility, including trend graphics and electronic record of historical

So, I would like to know from you suggestions / technical opinions for this technology improvement, considering easy implementation and if exists an intermediary functional solution that is located between a PanelView900 and
a supervisory system...all in DH+, with SLC-5/04.

Thanks for your attention,

Claudio Pires
Try RSView32 from Rockwell. Its easy to intgrate with the SLC500s. You'll need a KTX card for the PC to talk DH+
Another option would be to use OPC and Visual Basic. This approach is probably not as straight forward as using RSView but gives you extreme flexibility. It will allow you to do things like store your data in Access and generate your
reports in Word or Excel (and it's cheaper). It will also allow you to use your PC for supervisory control or as an HMI. But if money isn't as issue, my first advice would be to stay off of the DirtHiway+ and install Ethernet cards
in the SLCs. If you insist on using the DH+, you'll need to install AB's KTX card in the PC. This card will attach directly to the DH+. Second, install some type of OPC server in on the PC. You can use the one that comes with RSLinx Lite (free, I think...) or you can get one from a third party such as Once this is done, any PC on the network can read or
write the SCL's data using any OPC client software. If you use VB to create the client (using an OPC data control) you have the full power of VB to do anything you can imagine.
Hello Claudio!

You can also use a third party software like Wonderware's InTouch. It has all the capabilities you need (nice graphics too). You will also
need a KTx (or PKTx) card installed in the PC. Costs around US$10,000 (excluding the PC). Regards..