Report generation in VB through DDE from ABB's AC800F DCS Controller


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Kindly suggest me any particular available package, which has to get the Data from the ABB Ac800F Freelance controller and should log that data into the Micosoft EXCEL sheet using Visual Basic based DDE client technology.

I would be grateful if i recieve any suggestions from u all.

Dear Vijay

We have a full fledged MIS Report generation package which can be used with AC800F, AC800M, AC450, etc. This supports DDE and OPC interface with Excel reporting (user defined reports) feature available. The data can be stored in any database or as flat files.

The following types of reports are supported in our software:
1) Log Sheets (Hourly, Shift-wise, daily, monthly)
2) x-y Plotting
3) Cumulative Reports
4) Energy consumptions reports

Also we can do a customization as per the requirements.
You can visit us at and for any further details you can contact [email protected]


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Dear sir,

Thanking you for your Kind response. Actually ABB is having the inbuilt OPC Package which runs on the workstation that is connected to the DCS controllers via TCP/IP.

Then I gone through your site. I read the document files and Powerpoint Presentation. But when i download the .exe file for evaluation iam not able to get that. It is giving the error message that "No connection available".

Kindly guide me further.

Dear vijay,

You can directly get the real time values from the DDE server by typing the following command in excel
=DIGISERV|name of the prject!tagname

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